League Entry and TV Caps (Current TV Cap 1600)

  • Teams must meet the following requirements
    • Teams may not be AI leveled.
    • Teams may not be Custom Created
    • Teams may be transferred from CCL or another League of your choice
    • Teams must be under the cap for the current season after subtracting Fan Factor.
    • Teams are able to level in Open Ladder but we request you keep those games to a minimum and try not to abuse concessions.
  • Teams that exceed the caps after subtracting Fan Factor will need to cut TV to the current cap limit to be available for league play.

League Organization

  • The league will build out the pods based off how many people register. We will do our best to always accommodate anyone who wishes to play.
  • Divisions will be randomized each season if possible.
  • Divisions will be separated as best between US and UK time zones.


  • During Playoffs (for those not involved) and Grind Weeks (OffSeason) players are allowed to make transactions of the following type.
    • 1 Veteran (Level 3+) player purchase, this may come from any team that is legal to play in The Grind.
    • Select a transaction team, this team may be used to do the following.
      • Transfer Unlimited Seasoned (Level 2) player to the next seasons team, this may come from any team that is legal to play in The Grind.
      • Buy players from next seasons team for their base cost, injured players may also be sold.
    • Purchase of Rerolls/Cheerleaders/Coaches/Apos/Stadium Upgrades
    • Purchase of Rookie (Level 1) players.

Playoff Rules

  • Playoffs will be comprised of.
    • The top player from each division, unless there are less than 4 divisions in which case the top 2 players from each division will be taken. If a tie occurs, we will follow the tiebreakers listed below.
    • The top player rankings of those remaining until brackets are full (8 teams), we will follow the tiebreakers listed below.
    • Both sets of players will be ranked top to bottom off records. #1 from the divisional group will play #4 from the best ranking remainder group. Then #2 & #3, #3 & #2, and #4 & #1.
  • Tiebreakers will follow the following rules.
    • Head to Head record.
    • Remove lowest ranking players game result from team until one teams record is better than the other.
    • In the case that neither of these breaks the tie, there will be a one game head to head game to determine the breaker.